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Turan University celebrated its 25th anniversary!

Turan University celebrated its 25th anniversary!

October 6, 2017 in the Republic Palace was held a solemn ceremony to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Turan University.

The ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Almaty Baybek Bauyrzhan Kydyrgalievich, the deputy of the Mazhilis Seydumanov Serik Turarovich, cosmonaut Toktar Ongarbaevich Aubakirov, as well as representatives of state structures, public organizations and partners of Turan University from near and far abroad.

Turan University was established in 1992 and is the largest non-state educational institution in Kazakhstan and Central Asia of a complete cycle of studies: lyceum – college – Bachelor – Master – PhD.

For 25 years the university has produced over 27,000 specialists who work in the real sector of the economy, are employed in the state and diplomatic services, in the banking and financial spheres, in production, commercial, legal, tourist firms and companies of Kazakhstan and other countries.

“Today, the Republic Palace is a historical place in which the most important state decisions were taken, and the fact, that today Turan University is celebrating its 25th anniversary in this hall, is a huge event. Turan University has become over the years one of the leading universities of the country, which provides high-quality education and support large-scale events for the development of innovation. For example, one of such successful events was “The Open Innovations Startup Tour 2017″, which took place on the basis of Turan University. We are proud of the fact that there is such a university in our country”, congratulated the Mayor of Almaty Baybek Bauyrzhan Kydyrgalievich. After that he presented diplomas to the best employees of the university.

Moreover, the Mayor thanked Alshanov Rakhman Alshanovich – Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor, Rector of Turan University – with the following words:

“Dear Sir Rakhman Alshanovich, you make a huge contribution to the decisions on matters related to the development of the city. You deserve many thanks not only for this university, which you lead on the development path, but also for your contribution to the development of the largest metropolis of our country, made by you as by a deputy of the Maslikhat and the Chairman of the Public Council of Almaty.”

A deputy of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Seidumanov Serik Turarovich noted in his congratulation:

«It is rare to meet such a quality as the strategic vision that allowed Turan University to find its unique place in the educational system of Kazakhstan, to develop an educational corporation of a new type, authoritative and attractive for the population of our country. It is the highest and phenomenal result that 11% of this year graduates have become students of Turan University, while there are 38 universities in Almaty. The university is gradually strengthening and improving its material and technical base, auditoriums and conference halls, implementing modern technologies. Due to the creation and cultivation of the most important conditions for the staff – the atmosphere of comfort for every teacher, employee, student of the university; to encourage personal contribution in order to reach common goals and team spirit; to support individual success – the university has created its unique and irreplaceable research, educational, publishing and intellectual products.

Allow me to wish to the staff of Turan University always to be in the forefront of the educational system of our city, to raise the country to a new level, to successfully form a new generation of specialists and elite, to increase the potential of the state, business and culture in every possible way. We wish new achievements to each employee and student of the university personally”.

During the event musical and dance performances have been made by pop stars, lyceum students and university students.

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